Saturday, November 05, 2005

The Big Dick Just Won't Give Up

Vice President Limp Dick Crashcart made a personal plea to Repugnican senators this week in support of torture. This despite the fact that the last senate vote on the anti-torture amendment was 90-9 in favor of abolishing torture as an instrument of interrogation.

Senator John McCain, who knows something about torture, won't back down. He's vowed to add the amendment to every bill that comes before the senate until it gets passed. And that 90-9 margin is veto-proof, so it's going to put Baby Doc on the spot. If he vetoes it, it will be the very first veto that the little moron has tried, and it will be a delicious treat to savor if that veto is overridden.

In the meantime, it would seem to me that Limp Dick ought to have better things on his mind than tilting at windmills in the senate. Like keeping his sorry ass out of impeachment, conviction and prison time.

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Anonymous said...

PSSSTTT FARNSWORTH!!! Read your previous post... There will be no impeachment.