Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Treason: No More Mister Nice Guy

You may recall that No More Mister Nice Guy was the subtitle of the heavy-metal-ish album put out by, of all people, Pat Boone a number of years back in a pathetically embarrassing attempt to revive his career.

Okay, while that may have verged onto self-parody, even though it wasn't funny, it was nothing when compared to the product of his new career as ... a political commentator!

For Newsmax.

Wherein he wrote a column on Monday calling for the assassination of President Barack Obama.

Okay, he didn't really come out and say it in so many words. That would be treason and our boy Pat is 100% Amurrican. He's even a descendant of American icon Daniel Boone, for crissakes. At least he claims to be.

That aside, I wrote recently about this topic, that inciting someone to murder the president is treason, and this case is almost identical to that one.

Newsmax almost immediately took the story off of its website, but not before the cool kids over at Media Matters grabbed a screenshot of it. Check it out and you can find Pat bloviating about the White House need for "tenting" and a mob of exterminators to rub out the "vermin" that are inhabiting it.

Read it for yourself. No more Mr. Nice Guy indeed. In fact, as I've long known, the guy is a Religious Right asshole.


Anonymous said...

Nice try! That Pat is condoning any attempt on the President's life is really a stretch. He is obviosly fed-up (like the majority of the country) with the nest of rats in there tearing up our constitution and using it for toilet paper you moron. You must be a draftee, 'cause you sure don't sound like the kinda person who would volunteer to serve his country.

Farnsworth68 said...

Fuck off, Mister Anonymous. If you can't come out from behind that diaper hiding your face, you don't deserve a comment.