Monday, November 30, 2009

Huckabee and the Lakewood Cop Executions

I know that everyone by now has heard about the execution-style slaying of four Lakewood (WA) police officers over the weekend.

Lakewood is probably twenty minutes away from where I live, so this is awfully close to home. Especially coming so close after the Seattle cop shootings of a few weeks ago.

It turns out that the prime suspect in the Lakewood murders is a guy who was originally serving a lengthy sentence in Arkansas for armed robbery, but was let out by then governor Mike "Huckleberry" Huckabee because ... well, I don't really know why. Allegedly the guy convinced Huckabee that he'd "changed" and was going to be a good citizen from that point on.

So now Huckleberry is back-pedaling as fast as he can to try to put as much distance between himself and the alleged shooter.

It's the fault of the Arkansas justice system, he says, along with that of the state of Washington. Typical Rethug tactic, blaming everyone in sight for your own shortcomings. Or in this case, your own tragic misjudgment that resulted in the deaths of four police officers from small-city Lakewood.

Huckabee, you are supposed to be a big shot in the Xian community. It's nice that you had the compassion to let this fucker out of prison (probably because the prisoner claimed to have been "saved" by Jaysuss-uh!), but now it's time to stand up and tell the families of the murdered cops that you have compassion for them as well.

But chances are you won't take your share of the responsibility. That's too much to ask of a Repugnican...

Pretty much the only positive thing about all of this is that with this, his own "Willie Horton" moment, Huckabee will be pretty much out of the running for the GOOPer nomination in 2012.

Too bad.

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Anonymous said...

Part of the true wing nut faith was that our Bill framed some poor black nut to save some hillbilly kin. As soon as he made Governer he turned the poor guy loose. Who came to Kansas city Mo. and did a killing rape.