Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Fox News Lies

Yeah, I know, that's a dog-bites-man headline. Ho hum.

But, thanks to the Thom Hartmann show this morning, I learned about something that pretty much flew under my radar.

Way back in the last century, a couple of enterprising reporters for a Fox News outlet in Florida tried to do a story on the harmful effects of a synthetic growth hormone introduced into the ecosystem by way of milk cows.

As a result, the Monsanto Corporation called up the local Fox News station and complained about the story. With the result that the local executives at the station told the reporters to "correct" the report.

After twenty-some rewrites, finally it came down to the local affiliate telling the reporters to LIE ABOUT THEIR FINDINGS.

They refused and consequently were fired. Then they filed suit for wrongful termination, which went to a jury trial and the local jury found in favor of the reporters.

So that was the end of it? Not!

The station appealed, and the appeals court (packed with Rethug appointees, need I bother to point out?) reversed the jury decision.

Why? Because Fox News with its "corporate personhood", had a RIGHT to lie. And the poor reporters who refused to lie for Fox News?

Out the door.

Read all about the case at www.foxbghsuit.com/.

And the next time that IBIL* of yours says that Fox News is fair and balanced, blast him with this.

[*IBIL=Idiot Brother-in-Law]