Thursday, August 06, 2009

You Too Can Vote in the Chamber Pot

It's actually the Chamber Poll, but some of the questions are so loaded that they belong in a chamber pot... you know, questions of the "have you stopped beating your wife" variety, but what can we expect from a bunch of rightwingers who will skew their own survey so its results are what they want them to be?

As I think I mentioned before, I'm on the mailing list of something called Friends of the US Chamber of Commerce. Not because I agree with anything they stand for, but it's one of those stealthy espionage "know your enemy" things.

So they have a poll going on right now on their website, and I'm sure that pretty much the only people voting in it are rightwing assholes. But it isn't limited to them. There's no litmus test to take the poll.

So everyone, spread the word to all your progressive friends to take the poll at

Here's what I put in the comments box as to what incentives congress can provide small businesses:

Universal single payer health insurance will relieve small businesses like mine of the burden of providing decent health insurance. I am all for it and I can't believe that other small businessmen are against it. In fact, they AREN'T, once they learn the truth, and the Chamber ought to start the dissemination of some hard facts about it instead of using scare tactics and suborning the intimidation of US representatives.
Okay, so I may have a "small business" but I don't have any employees. So I lied. So sue me.


Helen M. Bascom said...

I left this in the comment box:

It would be helpful if special interest groups (the insurance lobby for example) stopped distorting the truth about the cost of universal healthcare. I am not happy that they are spending millions of dollars of my premiums to lobby against healthcare reform. They are just going to raise my premiums to recoup those spent dollars.

Farnsworth68 said...

Thanks, HBM. I don't think anyone on the other side is really looking at that, nor do they, sadly, really care about it.
I've always marveled at how slick the Rethugs are at getting people to act against their own best interests.
--The F-Man