Thursday, August 06, 2009

Rendering Unto Caesar...

This is one of those great "nyuk nyuk nyuk" moments.

Down in Florida, the Dinosaur Adventure Land theme park, founded by a Religious Right wingnut named Kent Hovind, is foundering. Hovind also founded something called the Creation Science Evangelism Ministry and is now doing a ten-year stretch in a federal pen because he neglected to pay the IRS more than $470,000 in payroll taxes.

Now his theme park is likely to be seized and sold at auction to repay some of those massive debts.

Hovind, naturally, still is claiming that he's not guilty, and that he and all of the theme park employees were "employed by god" and so he didn't have to pay taxes. Nor, evidently, did he.

So what happened to all that "render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's and unto god that which is god's" that supposedly came right out of the mouth of Jesus Christ himself? (Hint to Hovind: You can tell because the stuff that JC said shows up in red in the so-called Red Letter edition of the New Testament.)

Oh, that's right -- he's working directly for god, and Caesar doesn't enter into the equation. Except for those pesky and impertinent IRS agents who trundled poor Hovind off to federal pen. But I'm sure that Hovind is one of those "imprecatory prayer" guys who is already praying for god to sweep those nefarious agents of the Antichrist off this world and straight into the mouth of hell.


Shakespeare's Cousin said...

Hey Farnsworth,

I am glad to see you are still here. I used to blog as Elizabeth Green, but since I no longer blog with Julian Blue and have gone out on my own, I have a new identity and have set up shop on my own. Good to see you again. Keep up the good fight. I work in health care, so I am hoping that I can do some good with my knowledge.

Your friend,

Farnsworth68 said...

Hi, Liz, and welcome back. I've missed you.
--The F Man