Tuesday, August 11, 2009

An Embarrassment of Ignorance

I always check out my hometown newspaper's online site, just to see what's going on in the rural KKK part of the state, and I am seldom disappointed in what I find, since it's pretty much exactly what I expect.

Witness today's reader-contributed commentary by the local liberal, Will We Destroy Another President?

The knuckledragging mouthbreathing subhuman morons who inhabit the blogosphere in Cowshitz County, Washington, come out in fire-breathing mobs when Bill Kasch has anything to say, and they haven't disappointed this time.

Witness the following, submitted by someone who goes by the monicker "Tiger":

The corporations back when FDR was in power, had to close their doors, because the President, and his congress increased taxes over 69% when FDR started all his first programs and someone had to pay for them. By the way, many of FDR's programs failed miserably, and no one left to pay for his Ideas.
That is why we had high double digit unemployment, and a deep depression until we entered WW2 in 1941, and the depression was not over until 1954. Now Obama is taking the same stupid moves that will prolong our next depression for decades.
If Obama is successful in pushing through this healthcare plan, and the Environmental Cap-and-Trade program, our costs will speed to the sky at hugh leaps. Fuel will become shortages, and of course you will not have a job to pay for it anyway. We will have a depression that will make the one in 1929 through 1954 look like a cake walk.
In the first depression, my Dad lost everything, and he told me that when he found a part time job, all he had to eat was 2 slices of home made bread with a piece of cabbage between, because that is all he had! If we went into the same situation today, it would be like hell on earth. People will kill someone for a loaf of bread, because todays people haven't any idea where milk comes from, or how to grow vegetables. Religion grows.
Okay, I don't know what he means by "religion grows" (except I'm reminded of those pro-pot posters back in the 60s that showed a healthy marijuana plant and the slogan "god grows his own"...), but the rest of that garbled crap is straight out of the Faux News Misinformation Machine.

So your old buddy Farnsworth had to ring in on this issue himself:
Tiger, before you start shooting your mouth off about things you know nothing about, you might want to read a little history. The Great Depression, despite what you hear on Faux News, was the direct result of nearly a dozen years of continuous Republican rule, and it started in 1929. FDR wasn't elected until 1932 & didn't take office until March of 1933.
Even though the vast majority of the programs instituted by FDR and the Democrats helped immensely, the depression they inherited was so bad that it still stretched on for another eight years or so, until the deficit spending required by WWII created jobs and bailed out industry. So don't fall for the wingnut slogan that "no nation ever spent itself into prosperity"--it's a lie, as WWII shows.
I don't know where you got that date of 1954 for the end of the Great Depression since the post-WWII decade was, by all economic indicators, an era of unprecedented prosperity and job growth. And the top marginal tax rate during the 1950s? You'd better sit down for this one Tige -- 91%!!!
So all of you people out there who think that tax cuts are THE answer to everything seem to be ignoring both history and reality. But I guess your continual quoting of Faux News and Fatboy Draftdodger Rustie Limbaugh, has already demonstrated that: "My mind is made up, so don't confuse the issue with facts."
Not that this is going to change Tiger's misconception of the world or how it really works. I'm actually embarrassed to have graduated high school in a county where this kind of ignorance runs rampant.

But what're ya gonna do? Aside from beating some sense into their heads, and I'm a little long in the tooth to actually engage in the kind of violent retribution these fuckers really deserve...

BTW, I will be attending one of those "Town Hall" meetings in a couple of weeks, given by my "other Congressman", and I'm taking my video camera with me. Assuming that I don't end up in the hospital after being assaulted by the Neo-Nazi reThugs, I'll be posting the after-action report here.

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drainbamage said...

Let me know about the town hall meeting I will try and make it to cover your back...