Tuesday, August 18, 2009

When Does Negotiation Become Appeasement?

When it comes to the Health Care Debate, it already has. In what is so far the biggest disappointment in the Obama presidency, I saw that certain "signals" were being put out over the weekend that the "public option" will likely be thrown under the bus, in exchange for the approval of the Rethugs in Congress.

Well, how about that?

I think someone needs to tell our president that negotiation with those people is fruitless, that they ultimately will vote down any health care bill that the Dems propose, and that it's time for the true majority in the Congress to kick their across-the-aisle buddies to the side. They've already shown that bipartisanship is not in their nature. Any gestures towards bipartisanship are seen as weakness, appeasement, to be exploited in drawing even more lines in the sand.

Witness Sunday's Meet the Press, where David Gregory asked Tom Coburn (R-Sanctimonious) if he would vote for any of the proposed bills if the public option were taken out.

Guess what? The answer, once you got through his politician bullshit, was "no". And that's the case across the board with the assholes of the right. All their job is now is to obfuscate and obstruct and prevent any health care bill from passing.

And the commanding general of the dick army, Dick Armey (R-Dickhead), admitted -- at Rachel Maddow's prodding -- that he considers Medicare to be "tyranny".

That's the mindset of these people. It's hilarious that they are now trotting a video from 1961 with Saint Ronald Reagan railing against "socialized medicine", saying that it would signal the end of freedom in this country, blah blah blah.

The proposed legislation that he was frothing at the mouth over? Medicare. Jesus, how many times can you go to that well and expect to be taken seriously. The vast majority of people who are on Medicare think it works well and do not want to lose it.

Note to the Dems: Forget bipartisanship, forget negotiation, forget the Party of No even exists. You have 60 votes in the senate and a mandate from the American people: Do the right thing and pass comprehensive health care/insurance reform, WITH THE PUBLIC OPTION.

Anything less would be, in the words of that commercial from several years back, "uncivilized".


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The title says enough, but the whole thing is gooddeshe

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