Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Glenn Beck Advertisers

Over at the Color of Change website, they've got a simple on-line petition that they will send to the hapless capitalists who are still advertising on Beck's totally-nutso squirrelfucking-insane show.

Please consider dropping by and signing the petition. Send them a message that Glenn Bilk and his ilk do not represent us and the REAL America.


lstexasproud said...

Glenn Beck is a patriot who recognizes that this country is great because of our veterans. He overcame a difficult life to help the Americans understand that it is about the people and not about the leaders. They work for us. I think even the koolaid drinkers are even beginning to open their eyes to the events that are transpiring. November is looming. And it is a good thing.

Farnsworth68 said...

RUFucken kidding me???
Read some more of my Beck posts and wake the fuck up.
Glen Beck is a bible-thumping demagogue convert to Mormonism and if he ever had an original idea in that hollow head of his, it would die of loneliness.
Beck is a multi-millionaire. How much of his personal fortune has he given to "the troops" that he pretends to love SOOO much?
Did he ever avail himself of the opportunity to put his ass where his mouth is and enlist in the service himself? No, he did not.
You Beckheads can all go piss up a rope. I don't have time for you. Besides I'm on vacation here, dude, and on my way to France, where they DO NOT serve "Freedom Fries"...