Friday, June 12, 2009

Right Wing Talking Points on Von Brunn

I was wrong when I said the wingnuts would fall all over themselves in denial that they had any responsibility in Wednesday's terrorist attack on the Holocaust Memorial Museum.

I was way wrong. Instead they came out swinging, insisting that James von Brunn's racist anti-Semitic rhetoric and actions were the responsibility of the Left, and not the Right.

Cue the Scooby-Do "Huh?" sound clip.

Yesterday Pimple-Ass Limbaugh went into a rant about von Brunn's views being "Leftist", and that was followed up by one
Kathy Shaidle at the Washington Examiner (naturally a rightwing rag), who says that von Brunn's political views, "like so many in the Anti-Semite community, track left rather than right".


Memo to Limbaugh and Shady Shaidle: Just because Nazi Party had "socialist" in its title does not mean that they were "socialists" or had "socialist" ideas. Do a little research, people, for chrissakes.

But, as we all know, the truth is meaningless to these assholes. They are still adherents to the "Big Lie" theory, and will do everything they can on every occasion to blame the ills of the country on "The Left". And they'll continue getting away with it as long as their sheeple keep following them blindly.

I also heard on the radio yesterday some joker -- I tuned in somewhere in the middle and didn't get his name -- who was apparently speaking for the NRA, arguing with Big Eddie Schultz about whether people like Asshole von Brunn who are as openly and violently hostile to a class of people such as Jews or African-Americans should be allowed to own firearms.

It's an interesting question and one that deserves discussion, but this guy of course added nothing to the debate, instead falling back on the NRA's same tired old position, "enforce" the laws we already have, everyone has a right to own a gun, etc etc etc.

But remember that it was the NRA who was very late to the game in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and it wasn't until they were basically shamed into it that they protested the ongoing confiscation of firearms from New Orleans residents.

Why? Because those residents were predominantly black, and the last thing the NRA really wants is a bunch of armed black people...

Okay, now fast forward to Wednesday, and try to tell me with a straight face that if the Holocaust Memorial murderer was a black guy named Mohammed that they still would come out so vociferously for him to have been able to carry a gun.