Monday, June 22, 2009

Capital City Pride Festival

I took a few days off to finish some projects. Didn't finish them, of course, but it's time to come back to the real world.

Had an absolutely terrific day yesterday at the Capital City Pride Festival. It's hard to imagine now that just a few years ago our LGBT brothers and sisters could never have pulled off something like this.

I was there as a representative of Americans United for Separation of Church and State. We had an information table set up under a canopy (a necessity in case of rain in the wet corner) in the park where the festival was headquartered, and as a result of our presence I think we'll have some new members for our local chapter.

The LGBT community by and large recognizes that one of their -- if not the -- major stumbling blocks toward full equality is the pernicious influence of the Religious Right on politics, and since AU is in the forefront of the fight against the infiltration of our government by the religious wackos, we are all on the same side, natural allies in the fight for justice and equality.

So it's ironic that some anonymous asshole chose yesterday to make an I-hate-gays entry on my Arizona Memorial "Desecration" post. I gave him my usual "I refuse to engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed man" answer, and if he ever decides to come out from under that cloak of anonymity I'll be glad to answer his pathetically weak objections (example: "Why do whatever deviant sex acts they practice need to be mentioned in any way. Why is the act of sex between two people of the same sex deemed so Noble now anyway? Keep it to yourselves homos!")

Why do I call him a "he"? Because nine times out of ten it's a man who has an issue with gays. Go figure.


jae said...

Will be in NYC for Pride weekend on Saturday with friends for dinner at 'Lucky Cheng's' and a play called '30 Gay Plays in 60 Straight Minutes'....going to be a good time....
OPOV...You around for this one?

Farnsworth68 said...

Hi, jae--
Jeez, it sounds great and I'd love to be there, but I just can't do it. We're planning a trip to Greece and Turkey for September, so all of our "discretionary fund" money is going towards that.
I still owe you and mrln, my Constant Readers, a "date" in NYC, though, so we will eventually make it happen.
--The F Man