Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Another Family Values Rethug Bites the Dust

Jeez, what is it with these guys? Isn't there a single Rethug out there who doesn't have the self-control to just keep it in his pants? It's to the point now where it really isn't news any more: Another Republican hypocrite? Yawn...

I'm talking of course about South Carolina Governor and now erstwhile presidential wannabe Mark Sanford, who mysteriously vanished for several days, during which it turned out he had secretly scuttled off to South America to squeeze a few with his Argentine homewrecking slut.

I'm sure you all remember the Republican Party -- you know, the party that has always stood up for "family values" and whose upstanding members were falling all over each other to see who could be the most strident in condemning Bill Clinton for his sexual peccadilloes...

Ah, how the worm turns... Remember that old saying about glass houses and rocks?

Nyuk nyuk nyuk.