Monday, September 25, 2006

Oil Prices Drop; Gas Now at $2.38 -- Surprise, Surprise

Yep, must have an election coming up. Amazingly, crude oil prices are dropping below $60 a barrel and the price of gas is falling down to 2005 levels.

Big Oil and the BFEE think the American people are really stupid, to fall for this disgustingly transparent ploy.

And sadly, they are, by and large, correct. They've got it down to a science and have been able to play the Moron-American voting bloc like a well-tuned fiddle for lo these many years.

But there is an election coming up, and they may have outsmarted themselves this time. With guys like Sherrod Brown in Ohio and Jim Webb in Virginia, we have a real chance of taking back congress.

Get out and volunteer for your local Democratic candidate. All politics is local, and you can make a difference.

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spadoman said...

I saw gas in a small town sation in Southern Iowa for $1.99 and 9/10's last week. Last month, we were paying $3.29 and 9/10's in Northern Wisconsin.

How can the people and the politicians allow this with so little clamor? It is so obvious that the price is manipulated. By the way, before i retired, I had many a truck driving job delivering gas and diesel for Amoco, Mobil, Sinclair and other independents. I know a little about the complex pricing issues, but this wreaks of wrongdoing. Hugo was right, he is the devil!