Friday, September 29, 2006

Finally, Some Fiscal Restraint -- On the Backs of Veterans, Naturally

I have continually faulted the Baby Doc Maladminstration for its reckless ways in spending our money like a drunken sailor on shore leave in Manila. Now I'll have to take it all back.

Seems they are trying to save some money. And, big surprise, it's coming out of the Department of Veterans Affairs. To the tune of THREE BILLION DOLLARS in budget shortfalls. All because the VA once again "misunderestimated" the cost of care for blown-up and shot-up soldiers shipped back from the sandbox.

This is yet another example of the hatred and contempt this maladminstration feels for our veterans, and it is beyond me -- really beyond my powers of imagination -- to understand the support that the motherfuckers are still receiving from active duty military and veterans.

It's insulting, actually, and humiliating to be a fellow veteran with these morons. It's not fair, but we all tend to get tarred with the same brush, and the blind pig supporters of Baby Doc have the same blood of the innocent on their hands as all the corrupt and evil BFEE fascististas.


Mike said...

I agree, as a vet myself I can't fathom why so many military look the other way at what is happening to us. All we can do is try to open their eyes.

betmo said...

blind nationalism and a brainwashed sense of duty? i don't know how any thinking human beings- let alone those who saw combat- can think like these people. it is unfathomable and i have been making myself crazy trying to combat the stupidity. i have given up

nunya said...

I can't help but wonder if they are going to put them on the Mercy because there isn't room for them at the hospital.

Naval hospital seeing more war veterans sooner
$7 million from state to fund site renovation
By Steve Liewer
August 17, 2006

USNS Mercy Returns To San Diego Today
Last Updated:
09-29-06 at 1:34PM