Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Condi the Congenital Liar

In a predictable huff, Condi Rice claimed in the wake of the Chris Wallace/Faux News spanking administered by the Big Dog that the Clinton Administration had not left the incoming Baby Doc Maladministration any kind of a plan to deal with Al Qaeda.

Wrong. Once again, wrong. Raw Story has the juice on this, yet another in a never-ending series of lies coming out the yapping maws of the minions of the BFEE.

Check it out. Not satisfied with just a retelling, they've reproduced photocopies of the actual memo. Read it and see for yourself who's telling the truth and who's lying.


nunya said...

watch this, you'll laugh

betmo said...

i believe nothing and i do mean nothing that comes out of any of those talking heads. the only thing i would believe is if they told the truth about bringing dictatorship to america