Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Flag Desecration?

Take a look at this photo:

It seems to me that stepping on the flag is something that used to be called "flag desecration" and I am certain will be prohibited in the proposed constitutionally amendment being touted by the right wing.

. . .

So what are we to make of this photo, wherein it is revealed that the feet trampling that flag belong to Fearless Leader and Pickles?

I got these photos over at the Unknown News site, where they have a Reuters photo essay on Baby Doc's visit to a NYPD firehouse to commemorate 9-11.

I guess nothing says "honor the memory of 9-11" like trampling on the American flag.


spadoman said...

In a recent motorcycle ride I took place in, there were many who waved flags as the bikes passed by in a long precession. I saluted every one I saw. These idiots don't even know what honor means. It is a shame.

Even most Native American people honor the flag, the flag of the Nation that treated them with such disdain and ill respect that the scars still affect them 150 years later. And our (p)resident would walk on it.

I believe it to be one of those ironies of life; he desecrates the country with dishonor, so what's the difference if he desecrates the flag.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

While attending a Navy school in San Diego, I was given the job of rasing and lowering the flag along with another person. While lowering it one night, I inadvertently stepped on a corner of it with the toe of my shoe, when a gust of wind knocked me off balance. My liberty privilages (time off to do what you want) were suspended for thirty days, and I received the ass chewing of my life!!

Your picture is all too symbolic of reality.

betmo said...

it's the only thing he is good at