Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Pat and Rudy Show

Now let's see if we've all been paying attention. Rudy Giuliani is on his third -- or is it fourth? -- marriage, he's pro-choice and pro-gay-rights.

If you're a rightwing Fundo, what's not to like?

And that's why it comes as no surprise that Pat Robertson is heaping praise on Rudy, to the point of embracing him (but not in a gay way) in public.

And not just any public. It was during a lecture series at Robertson's Regence University, where Robertson praised the Rethug ne'er-do-well to the point of embarrassment.

Embarrassment for everyone for Giuliani, who lapped it up like a cat at a saucer of milk.

I guess it's true that politics makes strange bedfellows (but not in a gay way).


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PBH said...

Rudy Giuliani or Vampire Ghouliani?

The Future Was Yesterday said...

It seems Rudy is having to answer some for some "claims" he made after 9/11 as to his great leadership and insight. Turn out his claims are refuted in print, and on video.