Monday, June 11, 2007

Bomb-bomb-bomb, Bomb-bomb Iran

Jeez, what is it with ex-Democrat Joe Lie-berman? Now he's calling for tactical bombing of sites inside Iran.

So far he's the first mainstream politician to rattle that saber publicly, but he won't be the last.

"If Iran won't play by the rules(!)", he says, "we've got to use our force...including taking military action to stop them from what they are doing."

So let me get this straight. We've had such a GREAT time with our military misadventure in Iraq that Old Joe wants to expand that to yet another country that did not attack us.

We've spiraled so far out of control that now we have to bomb Iran to show the "terrorists" that we aren't afraid...of ... of what I don't know, and I don't know what rational end could come of bombing targets inside Iran.

What, we will make them love us only if we pulverize them? Have we turned into that big of a block bully for the whole world?

It's sad and scary to see someone who by rights was Number Two in this nation turn to these kinds of threats. Now you know why the Rethugs poured so many millions into his campaign funds last election, so he could run as an "independent" and fuck his lifelong Dem pals.

According the Joe "The Liar" Lieberman, Iran has trained and equipped Iraqi fighters who have, in turn, killed over 200 Americans in Iraq.

Okay, I'll admit my knowledge of the facts is a little hazy, but even I know that the vast majority of the problems we're facing in Iraq come from the Sunnis. The Iranians are Shi'a. The two groups HATE each other, so why would Iranian Shi'ites help their arch-enemies, the Sunnis?

And even if it were true, that figure, as doubtful as it is, represents only about 8% of the Americans killed in the BFEE illegal occupation. So we're going to widen the war, bomb yet another Muslim nation, drag them into the war, for a paltry 8% of the casualties?

It makes no sense.