Thursday, June 07, 2007

A Pardon for Libby? James Carville Says So, Too.

In the cascade of letters written by the big names on the Right (Donnie Rumsfeld, Henry Kissinger, et al), the best one came from Mary Matalin, who pleaded that we "think of the children". Not just the Libby children, but alse her children and everyone else's children.

Think of the children? What the fuck is up with that? Yeah, I believe we ought to think of the children, and let this be an object lesson to them: If you lie under oath, you will be punished.

And sadly, James Carville(!) also signed Mad Mary's letter. Now that's just fucked. What happened to our favorite Ragin' Cajun? Does Mary have him whipped to the point where he'll do anything she says? Did she threaten to cut him off?

That relationship has always bothered me (I can't imagine sitting down across the breakfast table with someone who disagrees with me on each and every belief that I have -- let alone someone who is a willing mouthpiece for Darth Cheney) and maybe now we're seeing reality.

Maybe James Carville was never a progressive -- just an opportunistic hack who played one on tv.

Think about it.

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Anonymous said...

Scooter Libby's children,--Hal Libby and Ricki Libby, as revealed by court documents--are each likely to grow up to be the same kind of smug, sleazy slimeball that their father is. They'll smirk all the way to high-paying jobs that they get not because of merit but because of connections. Irve Lewis Libby's children, Libby's wife, and Libby himself--what a family of cheap, disgusting whores, lower than a toothless crack whore living in a cardboard box and selling blow jobs for a living.