Thursday, June 07, 2007

A Pardon for Libby? The Rethug Big Guns Say So

Jeez, our boy Scooter has yet to spend one hour in jail and already they are calling for a presidential pardon. Even presidential hopeful and former high-power K-Street lobbyist Fred Thompson is on the bandwagon, saying he would "absolutely" pardon Libby to correct a "gross injustice".

Big shot Rethugs are right there as well: Donald Rumsfeld, Henry Kissinger, Billy Kristol, Paul Wolfowitz, Gen. Peter Pace -- the list goes on.

What is wrong with these people? They were the same ones who were calling for a public pillory of Bill Clinton when he committed perjury (for those who are still confused, "perjury" is a legal term for lying under oath, and it carries serious punishments with it for those who commit it), and yet here they are, weeping and wailing and gnashing their teeth over the "gross injustice" that will be done to little Scooter if he has to go to prison.

At the bottom, this case is a simple one. Lie under oath and you will be punished. Obstruct justice and you will be punished. It doesn't matter one fucking iota that the real perpetrators of the crime (Karl Rove, Richard Armitage) of outing Valerie Plame will go unpunished. That's not the point.

Libby lied. If Bush pardons him, that will put the final nail in the indictment that history will hand down about the evil and corrupt Baby Doc Maladministration.

But I guess that really doesn't matter to these fuckers. In the words of Fearless Leader: "History? Who cares? We'll all be dead."

So I guess that little Scooter will not spend a day in the slammer. Watch for his lawyers (funded by Halliburton and the Carlyle Group) to stretch out the appeals until after next year's election, and Baby Doc will pardon him on the traditional last day in office, when he's beyond the reach of any who would want to retaliate.

But remember the outrage at some of Clinton's pardons? Remember how they were made an issue for Al Gore four years later? Maybe Baby Doc ought to pardon Scooter. It could spell the end of the Republican party...

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Anonymous said...

According to the FCC when you use the word FUCK you are talking about indecent sex??? So how are you using it to describe sex in your sentence?

But I guess that really doesn't matter to these fuckers