Thursday, April 05, 2007

When Even the Mormons Turn Against You

When even the politically conservative Mormon youth turn on you, we can just stick a fork in you 'cause you're pretty much done.

Darth Cheney is the subject of a student protest at, of all places, Mormon-owned Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.

In the news today, more than 200 protesters are quietly making their feelings known that they do not want Vice Prezdint Crashcart to be their commencement speaker.

Now watch for Rethug money frontrunner Mitt "Flipflop" Romney to try to distance himself from the mouth-breathing shrubbery lurker.

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Anonymous said...

Farnsworth as you say... You can't make this shit up!Simply amazing...

I loved this attempt at logic from a repub supporter...

"It's always easier to protest than to support," said Tim Taylor, vice chairman of the College Republicans. "It shows tacit approval of our cause that more students aren't out protesting."

NO DOUBT Tim will be a president one day.

But does this mean at the beginning of the war when there were just a few of us protesting that the war was wrong? Now the war is good and just because more people are protesting?