Thursday, April 05, 2007

It's Not Good to be First

John Walker Lindh, a/k/a Johnny Taliban was sentenced to 20 years at Colorado's "Super Max" prison just for being a member of the Taliban when the Americans arrived in Afghanistan. You remember all the news stories at the time, nearly every single one of which belabored the fact that he was a product of "liberal" Marin County, California.

Now with the slap-on-the-wrist treatment of Australia's David Hicks, who will be released after just nine months, Lindh's parents are petitioning Der Monkey Fuehrer to pardon and release him.

Good luck with that. Baby Doc is too busy expanding presidential power into all kinds of areas where it doesn't belong to utilize the one single power that he has that is constitutionally unlimited -- the power of the pardon.

But Baby Doc has never once in his entire history of fucking up shit as a chief executive (businessman, governor, president) shown the slightest evidence of a lean towards compassion.

Compassionate conservative my ass.

So my guess is that since John Walker Lindh was the first, he will continue to serve as an example, far beyond the line that demarcates between justice and retribution, between fairness and revenge, for most if not all of his term.