Thursday, April 05, 2007

What is Wrong With this Picture?

After it became clear the Swift Boat Liars for Bush bankroller Sammy "The Fixer" Fox was not going to be approved by congress for that waffle-chomping cream-ale-drinking french-fry-eating job as ambassador to tiny Belgium, he "voluntarily" withdrew.

But to prove you can't keep a bad idea from becoming reality, Baby Doc just about pissed his pants waiting to appoint the fucker to the post as a congressional "recess" appointment, which means he's got the job anyway and will have it until the next congress is seated.

In 2009. After Baby Doc (we hope) is gone from office.

Someone needs to put a stop to this crap. While technically it appears to be legal, it is in violation of the spirit of the constitution, which provides that the president can appoint his own people to these various jobs only with the "advice and consent" of the congress.

Fox does not have the consent of the congress. He shouldn't be there.

This is bullshit. This loophole needs to be closed. If it is clear that a nominee will not pass muster and get the constitutionally-required consent and he is appointed anyway, then congress needs to be able to put the skids to it.

As you will recall, the same thing happened with child-molester-lookalike John Bolton, with his walrus moustache and eyes of an unsuccessful rapist, at the UN.

Jesus, what will it take for the congress to put a stop to the imperial presidency and the dictatorship of the Bush Crime Family? At least Democratic presidential contender Chris Dodd is making a squawk about it.

More power to him!

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NetAgra said...

By now I should know better than to get my hopes up too high. Tuesday’s elections brought a pair of resolutions to our local city ballot. One called for the impeachment of Bush/Cheney with a simple yes/no. The other called for the withdrawal of American forces from Iraqi yes/no.
What I had hoped for was a resounding “yes” vote from the community on both questions. Instead, the vote was close with the impeachment question going “no” by a 251 vote margin and the withdrawal question winning a “yes” by 11 votes.

A total of 2,363 votes were tallied.

This leaves us with a divided community leaning slightly toward the idea of getting our military out of Iraqi but somewhat reluctant to go for impeachment. How 1,175 of our local voting citizen can still favor leaving our forces in Iraqi baffles me. After all the stealing, lying, and scandal 1,307 people here feel we shouldn’t impeach Bush/Cheney has to make me pause when I look at my neighbors.

The resolution wording was rather stark. It was to start impeachment investigation and to begin an immediate withdrawal. There wasn’t a lot of context there to talk about how people may feel about abandoning Iraqi and that sort of thing.

Still, it was a city ballot resolution meant only to send a message. It had no weight or power beyond its message that one little town in the middle of nowhere is fed up with the war and the people who started the war.

Am I to conclude that half our voters are good with the current state of affairs? Can half the voters really think after fours years of death and destruction we’re still going to “win” something and all be better off?

Honestly, I’m afraid to ask anyone directly.