Thursday, April 05, 2007

Oh, the Sweet Smell of Hypocrisy

So Baby Doc and his flying monkeys are criticizing Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats for going to Syria, eh?

Okay, but where was that criticism when Repugnican members of congress visited Syria, and in fact also met with Hezbollah leaders?

Where is it today, since a Rethug delegation is actually boots on the ground right now in Syria?

But I guess that's okay; they are probably just getting ideas from the Hezbollah on how to institute a dictatorial theocracy in the US. No big deal.

Oh, and BTW, check out the news coverage of Pelosi's trip and the White House criticism of it. You'll have to look under rocks to see any mention at all of the Rethug Syrian vacations.

God, I'm so glad we have a "liberal media" in this country.