Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Even Newt Gingrich Agrees

Jeez, when even conservative stalwart Newt "Multiple-Marriages=Family-Values" Gingrich says Torquemada Gonzales should step down, I'd say it's pretty much game over.

All that we're waiting for now is the announcement that Gonzo wants to "spend more time with my family".

Oh, and don't forget the Presidential Medal of Freedom. That seems to be Baby Doc's standard reward for people in his maladministration who fuck up beyond all belief.

I guess Gonzo can forget about that Supreme Court position now. Too bad. Back to Texas with you, agujero de asno. I'm sure that one of those BFEE-connected law firms in the Lone Star state will snatch you up and pay you more than you are worth.

Especially since what you are really worth is the 11¢ per hour that we pay prisoners to stamp out license plates.

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Anonymous said...

Trouble is, they'd just put in ANOTHER right-wing pig.