Thursday, January 22, 2015

Restricting the Minority Vote

Back in the bad ole days, there was a joke that went something like this:

A black guy in Mississippi goes in to register to vote.
"No problem, boy," Bubba, the local yokel election official says. "All y'all gots to do is pass a little lit'racy test."
"No problem," the black guy says. "I managed to graduate from high school."
"Then there ain't no problem with your readin'?"
"Uh, I means 'No, suh.'"
Bubba hands him a newspaper from Shanghai -- in Chinese. "Well, let's see ya read that, boy."
The black guy says "I can't read the small print but that headline's pretty clear."
Bubba is flabbergasted. This isn't going the way he thought at all. "Unnhhh, so what's it say?"
"It say that black folk ain't gettin' to vote this year, either."

That is funny, in one of those "it's-funny-'cause-it's-true" Homer Simpson moments.

It turns out that, surprise, it's not so funny to the minority residents of 22 states, all controlled by (wait for it...) Republicans, who have started erecting it's-modern-so-it's-so-not-racist roadblocks to voting that have the effect of preventing minorities and other assorted non-persons from voting.

It should come as no surprise that voter ID legislation originated in the Koch Brothers-controlled fully-owned-subsidiary ALEC.