Sunday, January 25, 2015

Donald Trump Still a "Birther" -- This Time It's Ted Cruz

Jeez, I really don't know why anyone still listens to professional bloviating bad-hair buffoon Donald Trump, but he keeps getting invited to speak at "conservative" events. Including one in Iowa (not-coincidentally the first state to pick delegates to the party conventions), where he made the totally-not-cogent observation that Ted Cruz has an electile dysfunction, what with being born in Canada and all:

"It’s a problem. It could be a difficult problem, but he admits that he was born in Canada," Trump told reporters in Iowa on the eve of the first major gathering of 2016 presidential hopefuls.
"He’s a friend of mine. I have great respect for him. But …certainly it’s a stumbling block and he’s going to have to have it solved before he goes too far," Trump said.
Everyone else in the world has gone on from this "birther" shit except Donald Trump. It didn't work on Obama, but that's no reason to give up on it.

Did I say "everyone"? That's not true. I thought erroneously that the Obama Birthers had squirmed back under the rotten logs they had crawled out from, but I was wrong. If you read that story, scroll down to the comments, where you will see things like this:
It isn't about whether Cruz is a "citizen". It's whether he's eligible for the office of president (Article II, section1, Clause 5) or vice president (Article XII) of the constitution by being a "natural born citizen". A special status required by the constitution to be president or vice president period. In short, you have to born on U.S. soil by (2) U.S. citizen parentS [sic]. You should check this out about citizenship and this Inform yourselves, as I can see most of you posting are uninformed and/or misinformed.[Posted by "anonymous" ... and I can see why...]
. . .
The only reason Trump is coming out is because he's got the obots on his ass! They want him to stand on principle and not party and he BETTER DO IT! If we have to sacrifice Cruz to prove Obama ineligible, we will do it! I love CRUZ, but I think he knows the truth. He is smart and I think he is doing this to save America! That's how patriotic he is! He knows he is not eligible, but it will make the courts listen! The obots will file cases and the nedia will follow, not like they have with the 200+ Obama eligibility cases? 200? Yes, you snoozers, 200 cases against Obama and NONE hear on the merits! [Posted by someone calling him/herself "KenyanBornObama"; misspellings, etc., in the original]
Why do they do it? Why can't they give up? Because they are fucking crazy, that's why.

I've posted many times before on this particular form of Obama Derangement Syndrome. I guess I had hoped that by now even the most rabid Obama-haters had calmed down a bit. But I was wrong.

At this point Obama is in the last half of his last term. What do they hope to accomplish? But never mind, you don't have to answer that. They want to be "right" -- better to be right than to be factual.

Sad isn't it, that some of them are still willing to waste their lives, waste their time, waste their "precious bodily fluids" on such utter bullshit?

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Katy Anders said...

The thing that gets me is that after 6 years in office, there is a wide assortment of really bad stuff to call Obama out on.

To stick with the illegal alien/Muslim/gay/wife is a tranny stuff is so bizarre that I have to think these people believe they are just watching a TV show or something.