Friday, January 30, 2015

Kill the K-Cup

As you may recall, I've never been one to let a good meme go unabused. Here's Kill the K-Cup, a clever horror-movie parody of Godzilla, et al., featuring something I am just learning about now, the The K-Cup.

To show you how out of the mainstream I really am, I had no idea that such a thing existed. Or why anyone felt it was necessary. If you just want a fresh-brewed single cup of coffee, you don't have to go all earth-killer on the environment to brew one. All you need is a Vietnamese Phin Filter.

I fell in love with this little device the last time I was in Vietnam and brought one home with me. It's stainless steel, completely reusable, no waste and no ecological issues. Except of course for when you want to dispose of the stainless steel... But why would you want to? You have the means to a perfect cup of coffee right there.

Anyway, it really comes down to a question of getting the right grind. I experimented with it a bit with different grinds, and then I ended up taking it to my local barrista at my locally-owned and customer-centric coffee roaster company, and she took a practiced look at it, thought a bit and then did just the right kind of grind for it. She even brewed it up right in front of me, just to make sure.

Now when I need just a single cup, I have it in less than five minutes. You can get one for yourself at Amazon. Naturally.

Weasel coffee is, of course, optional.


Frank said...

I've used a Melita single-cup drip thingee for years when I just wanted one cup of coffee or when the power was out.

My brother is a big fan of those things, but he doesn't drink as much coffee as I do.

double nickel said...

I'm a C cup man myself :)