Sunday, January 18, 2015

Go Seahawks!

Last week and today I got a reminder as to why I don't watch regular season football: It's too much work and it's too hard on me.

I spent four hours today yelling and screaming at the television, throwing anything loose across the living room and generally making an excitable ass of myself as my team managed to get itself down by a score of 19-0 in a game they were supposed to win handily. My voice is scratchy and it's leaving me rapidly.

After much weeping and wailing and sending She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed diving for cover, the Hawks finally, late in the 2nd half, turned it around and scored on a Special Teams fake-kick stunt, and then immediately recovered their own onside kick -- something which never happens -- to go on and ultimately win the game in overtime in what was I think the greatest comeback in a playoff game that I have ever seen.

At the end I was a steaming mass of sweat, covered by a damp Seahawk #12 jersey, shaking off onto the rug the shattered bits of fried pork rinds, and sitting in a puddle of spilled beer on the couch, while I was kicking aside the dropped empties.

Not a pretty sight.

I had a real mess to clean up, and don't think that She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed was about to help me with it, either. Better not to ask...

I get really into it during regular season games, too. And that's why I had to stop watching them. But I am willing to put up with it for three championship games a year, which are always the best football games.

Now there's just one more Game Sunday to go through, when they play in the Superbowl on Sunday Feb 1. THEN I can relax back into my regular other 49 weeks of the year.