Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Hidden History of the NRA

Those of us who are a certain age can remember the National Rifle Association back in the 1950s as being different from the NRA today.

Back then the emphasis was on gun safety and marksmanship and recreational shooting. The organization was even behind a number of gun control laws that developed as a reaction to the lawless 1920s (they helped to outlaw machine guns) and urban unrest of the 1960s (too many black people having easy access to guns). As hard as it is to believe today, there was no undue reliance on an absolutist interpretation of the Second Amendment.

There's an excellent history lesson on the NRA and how it got taken over by the paranoid libertarian wing of American politics as recently as 1977, The Surprising Unknown History of the NRA that is well worth the read.


Sarge said...

I quit the NRA over the bastards opposition to the ban on assault weapons. Well, it just didn't make any sense for someone to own an Ak-47 or a M-16 look-alike.
I feel evern stronger about a banana clip for a handgun. The Glock that low life used in Arizona where Gabby Giffords was shot and others wounded and killed had a 33 round clip.
Okay, being fair - Most 9 mm hold nine to thirteen rounds. Why so many of just them? Have these fuckers even had marksmanship training? I qualified on the 9mm
Beretta first time out.
A banana clip is designed to allow the weapon to kill as many humans
as the shooter desires. I has nothing to do with the Second Amendment at all and for the gun nuts to suggest that is simply bull-shit!


Farnsworth68 said...

Thanks, Sarge. How did your procedure turn out? I may be facing the same thing...
--The F Man