Friday, January 11, 2013

Did Hitler Take the Guns?

It's long been a meme of the NRA and their enablers (e.g., Alex Jones' tirade shown in the Daily Show clip I posted Wednesday) that an armed populace is the only thing standing between us and tyranny, and that Hitler "confiscated" all the privately-owned guns in Germany.

But did he really? I always "knew" -- without really knowing -- that it didn't happen that way, but Mother Jones has an article, Was Hitler Really a Fan of Gun Control? on that very subject:

As World War I drew to a close, the new Weimar Republic government banned nearly all private gun ownership to comply with the Treaty of Versailles and mandated that all guns and ammunition "be surrendered immediately." The law was loosened in 1928, and gun permits were granted to citizens "of undoubted reliability" (in the law's words) but not "persons who are itinerant like Gypsies." In 1938, under Nazi rule, gun laws became significantly more relaxed. Rifle and shotgun possession were deregulated and gun access for hunters, Nazi Party members, and government officials was expanded. The legal age to own a gun was lowered. Jews, however, were prohibited from owning firearms and other dangerous weapons.
Read the whole thing for a healthy shot of historical reality. I'm sure I'll have a lot more to say on the issue as attempts to regulate firearms unfold.


the yellow fringe said...

Thanks I got lots of emails the last few days by the gun nuts I know going on about the hitler/cuba/stalin thing. I read this piece, and wrote a response and fired it back to my pals, some will take great offense, I am sure I lost more friends over this, so be it.

BadTux said...

Yah, I posted about this last month. Furthermore, 6 million Jews died in the Holocaust. Germany had 300,000 Jews before the outbreak of WW2. You do the math -- the vast majority of Jews executed by the Germans during WW2 weren't even covered by this German law and could not have been disarmed by it, period.

Sarge said...

Good post!
I have six shotguns and rifles in my gun case and I swear this before God that I will only use them for hunting.
If you have read my blog - You know my feeling about guns and idiots with guns.

How are you? Me? Not so good - having a biospy for prostrate cancer. I am okay with that...



double nickel said...

Nice find! I'll send the link to my crazy in-laws :)