Tuesday, September 06, 2011

I'm Back

Of course you probably already knew that, from my Sept 1 posting of the Book of the Month. Nevertheless, I'm now back pretty much full time, with my usual rants, raves and kicking against the pricks*, taking arms against the slings and arrows... well, you get the idea.

The 2012 election is just 426 days away, and I keep watching the unraveling of the progressive dream with some alarm. If this keeps up, I will be reluctant to give the Obama reelection campaign the full-court press next fall, at least not the way I did in 2008. As I saw someone comment a month ago or so, "The thrill is gone"...

Still, all we have to do is imagine the presidency of another legal-execution-serial-killer governor of Texas, long on swagger and short on humanity, in the White House and that ought to scare us enough to campaign for pretty much anyone who is not a Rethug. But I hate having the feeling that I am voting for just the lesser of two evils. After all, the lesser evil is still an evil.

I hope you all had a good summer. Our weather here FINALLY started cooperating with the calendar. A little late if you ask me, but it's going to be in the 80s all week, with clear skies. I've been wanting to get the telescope out all summer and do some star gazing and planet watching, and it looks like I'll finally get that.
[* The Xian Bible, from the writings of the most macho of the followers of Jesus, a guy named The Axe of the Apostles; apparently this phrase, like "pussyfooting", is not what it sounds like...]