Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Family Resemblance?

Here are a couple of headshots. You tell me if you see a family resemblance between them.

On the left is Psycho-Eyes Florida governor Rick Scott, and on the right is Heaven's Gate Comet Cult suicide Marshall Applewhite.

I was tempted to call this "separated at birth?" but Applewhite is too old. It could be long-lost father and son, but I recall that Applewhite castrated himself some time before the New Nike Shoe Suicidists took that final step.

How about this one? Do you wonder what their children would look like?

Here's your answer:

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Sarge said...

The baggers scare me. Like I wrote in another reply - I am moving back down to Evansville, In from Indianapolis. We have a Republican who swears his ass aon't a bagger -
signed Grover Norquist's pledge , kissed his ring, and what else is the question.
I will get settled in the end of May and then start raising hell! If Larry Bucshon is reelected - I intend to oppose him in 2014 for his seat in Congress.
I am very pro vets rights - and will rejoin both the VFW, Legion, and Air Force My greatest achievement was with a young Marine vet home from Iraq. This young man wore a bronze star and a heart - add alcohol and his ass was back in Faluga.
His sister helped me to get Terry into conselling with the VA. Ever been to a VA hospital? The guys wear their colors - hats, vests, cammis, you know it! He was amazed and said, "Tese people are just like me, older, but the same".
A VA MD testified in his last trial
for assault and managed to get him probation. The boy got a job doing construction, joined a VFW, and hasn't been downtown for years...