Monday, June 06, 2011

Welcome to Wienerama -- All Wiener, All the Time

Hello, my name is Anthony and I'll be your wiener server today. My I recommend our special, The Wiener? It's served fully clothed but delightfully presented behind a gray cotton base, with those fully erect bulges that we are known for.

Okay, enough of the jokes. It's shooting fish in a barrel, really. They pretty much write themselves.

I've actually seen the offending photo, and while I can say that while it looks pretty impressive behind those gym shorts, it's still no big deal. Okay, maybe a poor choice of words. But like Jon Stewart said, back when he knew the congressman, he was a lot more Anthony and a lot less wiener.

Like I say, the jokes pretty much write themselves, but the bottom line (yuk yuk) is that Wiener Boy pretty much fessed up today, and even went beyond the pale with his confession-is-good-for-the-soul breakdown about his misadventures in the Internets. Which is appears that he needs some training in.

Jesus, don't we have more to concern ourselves with than the state of the Anthony Wiener? But on a day when Sarah Palin managed to garble the actual history of the famous ride of Paul Revere into something you'd see on the Cartoon Channel (except they are way more factual), the only thing that matters is the size of the Wiener wiener.

But the SCLM just loooves it some political scandal, and even a fully-clothed wiener is good for the "breaking news" coverage/ratings.

Still, you gotta give it up for the Rethugs. They know how to work a wiener. They wouldn't allow a fully-clothed wiener into their party, not even, say, a certain notorious mens room at a Minneapolis airport or the appointment book of a famous DC madame. No!


Marc McDonald said...

What Weiner did was stupid. But last time I checked, sending lewd photos on Twitter isn't illegal.
I suspect Weiner will eventually be forced to step down. And yet Mr. "Family Values," David Vitter, will continue to hold his Senate seat.
As usual, smug hypocritical Republicans get a free pass, while the Democrats are crucified if they do anything wrong, even if relatively trivial.

Farnsworth68 said...

Thanks, Marc. Just another example of IOIYAR -- It's Okay if you are a Republican.
--The F Man