Thursday, June 09, 2011

Thank You Paul Ryan

Here, from the Don't Tea on Me website, is the full text of a letter to US Rep Paul Ryan (R-Idiot) from Dr. Quentin Young, of Physicians for a National Health Program:

Representative Paul Ryan
1233 Longworth HOB
Washington, D.C. 20515

May 25, 2011

Dear Rep. Paul Ryan,

Our organization, Physicians for a National Health Program, is strongly supportive of Medicare, recognizing it as one of the premier legislative achievements in the history of the United States. Therefore, I am writing to express our gratitude for your role in eliciting the overwhelming support that the people of our country extend to this important social justice program.

Since you succeeded in securing virtual unanimous support from the Republican majority in the House of Representatives for your voucher program, the rejection of your plan has been demonstrated nationwide. The spectacular defeat of Ms. Corwin in the 26th district of New York on May 24, 2011, is clearly the earliest expression of the vital importance our nation attaches to a single-payer comprehensive health plan for the elderly, Medicare.

I can think of no other political act that could match your voucher program “reform” in mobilizing public support for Medicare going forward. The collateral damage to the Republican aspirations for power is immeasurable.

Thank you very much,

Quentin Young, M.D., M.A.C.P
National Coordinator
Physicians for a National Health Program

Who am I to argue with this guy? Here's hoping he's right and this was the Waterloo of the Rethuglicon Party. It certainly has every opportunity to be the end of the GOP as we know it.