Thursday, October 14, 2010

Watchdogging Sarah Palin

It's too bad that it has to be done, but someone has to keep an eye on Sarah Palin. And no, I'm not talking about all those rightwing per-verts* who got huge boners when she scampered out of moose-murdering frozen obscurity onto the national stage in 2008.

As much as she's intentionally been in the "news" since then, we still don't know very much more about her than we did on that fateful day two years ago when Grampaw "You Goddam Kids Get Offa My Lawn" McCain elevated her to mock-celebrity status in front of a fawning media.

Well, that's changed. I just discovered a terrific blog called Palingates -- The Sarah Palin Watchdog Team. In it the team leaves no stone unturned (and, since we're talking about Alaska, no tern unstoned; sorry, I just couldn't help it...) in asking the hard questions and doing the hard research that the media in this country used to do for itself. You remember, back in the days before the media assigned itself the role of cowering ass-kissing lapdog lickspittle to the rich and powerful?

From Palin's fake pregnancy with little Trig (Obama "birthers", have any of you asked Sarah for Trig's birth certificate?) to her patently false story -- lying --about her Wasilla to Los Angeles in a motorhome road trip in less than three days, this blog has it all.

If the worst-case-scenario projections for 2012 hold true, and the Pit Bull With Lipstick actually does manage to become the Rethug nominee, I have a feeling that the Palingates crew will be providing the opposition -- that's us in the "professional left" -- with a lot of the ammunition to fire back.

We can even turn Mama Grisly's own words back on her: "Don't retreat -- RELOAD!"


[* This mispronunciation, with the stress on the second syllable, is, of course, from Carl "Tony Soprano" Palodino's rant to the rabbis about those nasty homosessuals and their nefarious "agenda".]


Patrick said...


this is Patrick from Palingates. Many thanks for the shout-out! Glad you appreciate our work.

mmboucher said...

I am so glad you have noticed Palingates great blog. Patrick & katherine, know more and have more information on Sarah Palin and her brood then she does.

Farnsworth68 said...

I was glad to do it. You all are doing a terrific job(and no, I don't mean it like "heckuva job Brownie"...) over there.
Keep up the good work.
--The F Man
PS, mmb: Thanks for the comment. I appreciate you reading.

Anonymous said...

Came over to check out your blog from Palingates. Thanks for the link and I have bookmarked yours to come back again.

Farnsworth68 said...

Thanks for dropping by, C. I hope you'll be back often.
--The F Man

Kevin said...

I had always dismissed the Trig birth controversy as just election year chatter but I came across Palingates and they had a very interesting (and detailed) article discussing comments Bristol had made that did not fit with her mothers narrative. I did some more digging on that site and was amazed to see the level of detail they place in their articles - they are very informative and intellectual.

Another plus is that when you visit Palingates, you not only get a comprehensive article, but you get a great community of commenters. I have since found myself checking back daily to see whats new on Palingates!

With that being said, I had come via Palingates to your site and have to say I am thoroughly enjoying your site (I am now a follower and plan on putting you on my blogroll).

AKRNC said...

Thanks for the great remarks on Palingates. I've been a regular reader for over a year. The reason I keep going back is because of the thorough research done by Patrick, Kathleen and Regina, not to mention all the great posters.

Just added "One Pissed Off Veteran" to my list of daily blogs to check out. Looking forward to seeing your comments on PG.