Monday, October 11, 2010

Memo to Potential Candidates: Don't Dress Up As a Nazi

It's hardly believable, but here's the proof that a congressional candidate in Ohio, in his spare time, plays dress-up as a fucking Nazi SS Stormtrooper in order to play in "historical" reenactments.

He's named, on the ballot, Rich Iott, a candidate for the US House from Ohio's 9th District. Need I add that he's running as... a Republican...? In his alternate reality when he's playing a Nazi, he's named "Reinhard Pferdmann".

While there does exit such a pathetic and reprehensible phenomenon known as "Nazi chic" -- remember Prince Harry (the British royal family one, not the Harry Potter one) dressing up in a German uniform for a "party" -- the bottom line is this: If you are ever planning on running for office, you probably ought to show a little more discretion and judgment before you pose for pictures wearing a Nazi uniform.