Sunday, October 31, 2010

The GOP "House N*****R" in South Carolina

From the looks of it, a guy named Tim Scott is poised to become the first Republican black congressmen from South Carolina since the days of Reconstruction.

As far as I am concerned, this is the money quote from Scott: "We've been campaigning night and day, making sure that America comes back to the conservative cause, led by the Southern values that we all believe in"... [emphasis added].

And there you have it. He believes in those good ole "Southern values", which presumably include official state display of the Confederate battle flag, institutionalized racism, segregated schools, "whites only" drinking fountains and bathrooms, being forced to sit in the back of the bus, and happy slaves picking cotton on the plantations of their "benign" and paternal owners.

The last black Rethug congressman was a guy named J.C. Watts of Oklahoma who retired in 2003. His own father, a lifelong Democrat, is on record as saying "a black man voting Republican is like a chicken voting for Col. Sanders", and Watts' troubled career as a pioneering "House N****r" for the Rethugs should be instructive to Scott.

But I guess people have to make their own compromises, mistakes and hypocrisies, and Scott certainly seems willing to make his.

Good luck, dude, but you ought to find this analysis interesting for sure.


Sean said...

Bizarre. I guess someone gave him a big old glass of mint julep-flavored Republican Kool-Aid...he certainly seems to have bought in to their rhetoric.

Anonymous said...

Greed and short-sighted self interest are not confined to white people.

Jay in N.C.