Thursday, July 15, 2010

Slaves of Satan

I can remember back in the day, when only a certain gang of so-called "one percenters" -- i.e., outlaw motorcyclists -- were Satan's Slaves.

Now it appears that I'm going to have get my own set of gang colors since I am, according to the Fundo Baptists, officially a slave of Satan:

I'm not certain that these are legitimate, but they appear to be. They don't look like they came from the Church Sign Maker site:


Labrys said...

Gee, one can only wonder what they would say about a Hellenic pagan/pantheist sort like me?! Funny, I don't feel enslaved....maybe Satan is only renting me?

Farnsworth68 said...

Yeah, that dude is insidious! Just the other day I developed twin zits on my forehead. As much as I watered and fertilized them, though, they didn't produce horns. They just came to a head and popped. My grandson (17 and a freethinker like his grandpa) and I were both kind of disappointed. It would have been great for Halloween...
--The F Man