Friday, November 21, 2008

Pole Dancing Mormons to the ... Olympics????

From our Just When You Thought You'd Seen it All file comes this news. I thought it was a joke, something out of, I don't know, the Onion, but it appears to be true:

When we last saw the Mormons, they were attempting to murder love. Having succeeded on that, they’ve apparently moved on to more pressing concerns: getting pole dancing into the Olympics.
From CBS 2 in Salt Lake City comes this report of the newest craze to sweep Utah: pole dancing for fitness. If you remember this fad being big a few years ago, you’re right; I like to picture Utah kind of like the Middle East, where it takes about 20 years for pop culture to spread. The new Pat Benatar cassettes are just hitting Tehran now.
I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out the woman who tries to justify her six-inch stripper heels by saying they’re great for the calf muscles. I’m just [sure] her husband, and his other wives, wouldn’t really mind if she wore them home.
Warning: Clicking on that link will take you to a page that shows Mormon housewives in ... spandex. Be sure your heart can take it.

But I do find it kind of odd that those Mormon housewives in spandex don't seem to be wearing their "holy temple garments". I thought that was a non-negotiable requirement, that all Mormons who are "eligible" to wear them had to wear them at all times... Go figure. I guess when it comes to chasing after that Almighty Dollar, even the so-called simon-pure Mormons aren't so finicky.