Monday, November 17, 2008

It's Not Just Oxy-Boy and Slanthead

As I posted last week about Mikey the Weiner, it's not just the major stars in the wingnut firmament (Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, et al.) that we have to be concerned about. Rightwing radio has an amazing -- and alarming -- control over a huge percentage of available AM radio band, and consequently the radio listening audience.

As a result there are any number of dangerous advocates of vicious rightwing violence floating in that vast liquid sewer of vitriol. Most of them have at best a local audience, but don't forget that a forest fire is made up entirely of individuals trees burning together.

Here's a short slideshow video that Media Matters put together:

Go ahead and read the accompanying story. Some of these pedestrian purveyors of poison I've heard of, others not. Nevertheless, these are among the most dangerously scurrilous attacks on a president that I've ever heard, and they are likely coming from the same people who were whining over the last eight years about the left "attacking" their president.

I gotta tell ya, I've not been one to pull my punches when it came to the George W. Bush naladminstration ("Der Monkey Fuehrer", "Baby Doc", "The BFEE", "the little fucker", etc.), but nothing I've written or said has come even close to the pure distilled hatred that keeps oozing from the slavering lips of this crowd.

No wonder that the trial balloon of the moribund Fairness Doctrine has been floated around several times lately.


mrln said...

These people are inciting violence. I hope Obama's Secret Service and the FBI is all over them. These authoritarian personality dunces abuse power when they have it, and cower when confronted with those with more power than they. They're very sick people. Believe me, their "principles" will be out the window the moment they think they might have to pay a price for their behavior...

Ben There said...

Those talk radio guys (with one possible exception) all look strikingly similar.

AM talk radio is where good brain cells go to die.

nunya said...

wow, that's the first time I've seen that. It's appalling.