Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Going Dark for a Few Days...

I'm having all four wisdom teeth out tomorrow. One of my friends said it was because I needed to be toned down a little -- I have so much "wisdom" that I'm a smart ass. Ha ha.

Over the years, every time I went to a new dentist, he'd tell me that those wisdom teeth ought to come out. I always asked why, and he told me that I'd be having problems with them eventually. So they were all right, I am having problems with them now. And I had prided myself on having a full set of original choppers, too. When I went to a dental clinic while I was living in So Cal, my dentist went out and rounded up all his dental buddies so they could see 32 teeth in one mouth.

I guess that it's a big deal in some parts of the country... Who knew?

My dentist has assured me that there will be "nothing to it" and he's already given me a prescription for some dyn-o-mite pain relievers, so I ought to be back on my game in no time.

Before I go, though, I just wanna say ... neener neener neener! Ted Stevens lost!!!!