Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Joementum? WTF?

What the fuck does Harry Reid think he's doing? Not only did Joementum Lieberman turn his back on the Democratic Party in the last election, he actively campaigned against President Obama with Grampaw McSame. For a while there it looked as if the two were joined at the hip.

So what does Harry Reid do? Rewards the turncoat motherfucker with allowing him to keep his chairmanship of, all things, the Senate Homeland Security Committee(!).

Just when I thought that the Dems were finally, at long last, growing some spine, they up and do this.

I guess they're still laboring under the illusion that they actually need Little Joe when it comes to that all-important 60-vote filibuster-proof majority. It's sad, really, since it would be very easy to do an end run around him with most issues.

With most issues that come before the Senate, there are almost always some turncoat Dems who will vote the wrong way, but that is generally balanced out by the remaining few "liberal" Repugs who, despite their party affiliation, will vote the right way on progressive issues (Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins from Maine and Arlen Spector from Pennsylvania, for example).

I'd like to see the Dems kick Little Joe to the curb. Who knows, depending on the outcome of the three Senate races yet to be decided, it could be that the Dems will win all three of them. That won't give us that holy 60, but it could bring us close enough. Then all President Obama has to do is offer a cabinet post to Spector and one of the two senators from Maine and, voilá, a veto-proof senate -- without Joementum -- after the Democratic governors appoint their replacements.

Then, Harry, can we kick his turncoat-traitor-Benedict-Arnold-Judas ass?

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Anonymous said...

You know I thought the same thing. I figured screw'em. Toss his chairmanship of Homeland Security committee and pretty much shun him. Simple gratifying to the point. It seems President Elect Obama has other ideas. He's been smarter than me at every turn. I thought he should have fought tooth and nail like these criminally corrupt repugs he was against. He kept to the high road and got elected. Impressive. I think he's got lieberidiot by the balls and said "When I say jump. Your only thought should be how high, got me?" As he applies pressure. I think if lieberidiot goes off track, Obama campaigns for his opponent all over connecticut and he loses big. It will be interesting to watch what happens. Nice job on the Keeping all your teeth in your head for so long. 32 teeth in one mouth at the same time yeah I bet those dentist were running around with a hard on. lol.
later, take care. Hmc lavadog