Monday, December 04, 2006

Weekly "Bush Twins in Uniform" Watch

It has now been 929 days since Jenna and Not-Jenna Bush, the slacker offspring of Preznit Numnutz, graduated from college and they are still not in the uniform of the US armed services.

Why? Because they have other priorities. They are too busy partying down in Georgetown to show their support for the war by enlisting their chickenhawk-child selves into the military service, that's why.

But now it's even worse -- they've been asked to leave Argentina, of all places, because they've been partying too much. Argentina, previously known for harboring Adolph Eichmann and other Nazi war criminals! It must be bad if even Argentina is kicking you to leave...

Used to be the best thing for a couple of troublemaking slacker offspring was a hitch in the service. There used to be a saying in my family: There are two kinds of Farnsworth boys, those who have been in the Navy and those the judge hasn't sent there yet. (Of course, iconoclast that I am, I had to go into the Army.)

Be sure to check out The Yellow Elephant blog, which asks the question "It's their war; why aren't they fighting it?"

BTW, they are also still not pregnant with their own Snowflake Babies. If they can't join the service, the least they could do would be to get themselves impregnated with a couple of blastocytes that would otherwise go into the garbage. Remember what Farnsworth always says: Baste 'em, don't waste 'em.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

We musta had the same judge.

Anonymous said...

Funny, you must have been drafted. As I recall military service is not compulsory. Why do you have such a hard on to see these two in uniform? I made a choice out of high school, that I did not possess the intelligence to excel in college, and decided to join the Marine Corps. After doing 8 years on active duty, I re-enlisted in the reserves and went to college. Long story, short; GI bill paid for my B.S and Masters degree. Retired from the reserves, opened my own company which hopefully does well.

Perhaps, you should have made the same choices as I did, and not hate everyone that seems to have it better than you. Sad, really