Sunday, December 10, 2006

USA Today Calls for President to Resign

Here's what USA Today had to say:

Has the President so failed in his duties to the nation that he should leave office? The answer to that question is yes, and the time for the President to leave is not after months of continued national embarrassment but now. [The President] should resign.
How about that for a hard-hitting opinion piece? They pretty much call it as we see it, don't they?

Well, it's just too fucking bad that this was published on Sept. 15, 1998, and "The President" was Bill Clinton.

So where are these papers who called for Clinton's resignation over one little lie about getting a blow job -- a lie in answer to a question that should never have been asked -- now that Baby Doc has been shown to be a criminally insane megalomaniac operating outside all normal bounds of reality? Major dailies such as the Seattle Times, the New Orleans Times-Picayune, the Des Moines Sunday Register, the San Jose Mercury-News, the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution all called for Clinton to resign. Not one has called for Bush to resign.

Of course that would mean a President Cheney, and who wants that?

(Thanks to Beggars Can Be Choosers for the heads up on this.)

And BTW, does anyone still believe in coincidences when it comes to this crowd in the White House? I don't want to go all tin-foil-hat here, but does anyone remember that the Starr Report was issued on ... September 11? I'm just asking.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

LOL!! No shit! I had read our little buddy "I'm a Starr"'s work carefully....never noticed when it was released. This'll set the propellers on the Tin Hats twirling!:)

Anonymous said...

FYI In the 'Heartland' he is called the praying President. We call him the 'preying President....LOL
Ya get what you deserve,


PS:spare me the Saint Bubba sermon

Coffee Messiah said...

The usual Christian rhetoric against Sex, but not Violence ; (
I'm still amazed about Clinton and what happened, and nothing against the "Undecider?" ; (
Makes ya wonder where we are headed, and it doesn't look good!