Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Take That, Swifties!

News from the Federal Elections Commission today: The Swift Boat Liars for Bush have been hit with a $230,000 fine for their over-the-top campaign of deceit against Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry.

Raw Story has the details, along with the other guilty parties, including (regrettably)

But it was the Swifties who got the biggest hit, and deservedly so. Maybe this will be a lesson to the backers and hangers-on of the Swifties that they need to dial it back a little.

But chances are they won't. And why should they? When it comes right down to it, in their warped world view, a small fine is worth it to keep Baby Doc in power. Besides, the BFEE will I am sure open its vault and pay the Swifties back for the amount of the fine.

It's just chump change to those fuckers.

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The Future Was Yesterday said...

will I am sure open its vault

Undoubtedly. But I must say, as a former "swiftie rider", it brought a broad smile and a "take that, bitches!!" in my head!