Tuesday, December 05, 2006

VA Spending Too Slowly on Mental Health

In another news-that-isn't-news story out of the mismanaged Dept of Veterans Affairs, a new report faults the VA for not spending money already allocated for the mental health care of veterans.

Jesus, what the fuck IS it with the Rethugs? First they won't fund the VA at the levels needed, and then when they slapped around by a feisty Mom-in-Tennis-Shoes (Washington Senator Patty Murray) and finally, grudgingly, open the purse a little bit, their flunkies over at the VA won't spend the money.

Like I've said before, the Repugnican Party doesn't give a shit about America's veterans or its active duty military. The sad part is that they now are shameless about it. They used to give us at least some lip service, but now they've even given up on that pretense.

Mandatory funding for VA health care? I'll support that, but it had better include mandatory spending, too.