Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Senate Grows Some Balls

By a truly lopsided vote of 90-9, the Senate last night voted to add an anti-torture section to a $440 billion military spending bill, despite a White House threat to veto the bill if the language was added.

Veto the bill??? What is up with that?

Senator John McCain, who knows something about torture and its effectiveness, spearheaded the drive to add the language to the bill. It was endorsed by Colin Powell and 28 other retired senior military officers. Senate Majority Leader Bill "Kitty-Kervorkian" Frist, in typical fashion, flip-flopped on it, first leading the opposition and then finally voting for it -- this fucker thinks he can be president?

But I digress -- now we're back to this: Veto the bill???!!!! What the fuck is up with that?


Anonymous said...

Has a president ever vetoed that kind of a vote? It is obvious they will pass it the second time around. But of course nobody probably explained that to the shrub boy!

Anonymous said...

It seems evident that the Bush-it picks for Supreme Court Justices are those who have loyalty to him and can be counted on to support his position on the Geneva Convention. When do we get to impeach Bush and Cheney as war criminals?