Monday, December 01, 2014

One of Many Reasons Why I Don't "Twit"

You may have noticed a new commenter on this blog since I came back from hiatus. She's Katy Anders and I welcome her to the fray.

She said, in a comment on my post-Thanksgiving report, that she is an adventurous eater but had never had the opportunity to eat pickled pig's feet. Okay, that happens. If you live in Borough Park, Brooklyn or Dearborn, Michigan, it's likely you won't find them in the neighborhood deli. But then I finally dropped by her site, the quirky and interesting and entertaining  Fascist Dyke Motors, and learned that she lives in ... Texas!

Come on Katy, if you haven't had a pickled pig's foot by now, you're going out of your way to avoid them.

Anyway, that's not really the topic under discussion here. What I also found on her site was an account of the Twitterverse imploding on her. Read Why Mia McKenzie Tried to Have Me Lynched for an in-detail report of what happened when suddenly everyone in the world went ape-shit on her. To the point of physical threats and drive-by harassment of her daughter in front of her own house.

Really, this shit has gotten out of hand. Reading that account solidified my belief that I do not need another source of drama in my life. I have She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed, along with four children, eight grandchildren, five-and-counting great-grandchildren, which adds up to 18 people and they all seem bent on doing their level best to keep my life in turmoil. I don't need to go asking for more of it. I had a small taste of that kind of thing back in the good old days of 2004 when I was on my state's Veterans for Kerry steering committee. One guy in Missouri even said he was "gonna git on a plane and fly out there and give you a good ol fashion ass-whuppin".

Yeah, thanks but no thanks. Like the great Joe Pesci in My Cousin Vinny, as much as I might need a "good ol fashion ass-whuppin", I'll have to pass on that generous offer. Besides, that guy probably couldn't even find his way out of Lake O' the Ozarks to an airport. I'd have to take my ass to him for that whuppin.

But that said, more power to Katy if she's willing to put up with it. You go, girl!


Nan said...

Linked, read it, and wow. I am now truly happy I've never been tempted by Twitter.

the yellow fringe said...

I tried pigs feet pickles in the Air Force. I also tried with an airmen from Hawaii, his care package from home, canned sea snails. Unlike the French snails, these things are tougher than golf balls, the same size, and the more you chew them the bigger they get, they exude flavors of pencil lead, rancid leather and kelp. Katy, this is for you, don't try the pigs feet, go for the snails, by far the best of the two. I didn't hurl after the snails.
I agree with you one pissed off vet, twit seems to beg abuse, I don't need the harassment either.