Wednesday, December 03, 2014

It's Long Past Time to Impeach the President

In my humble opinion, it's long past time to impeach the president. I've taken the liberty of drawing up a bill of particulars concerning the Constitutionally-required "high crimes and misdemeanors" for which he should be impeached:

  • He placed a bunch of US servicemen in a hostile country without any clear mission or reason to be there, and when over 200 of them were killed in a terrorist car-bomb attack, he withdrew -- cut and ran -- from that country without explanation and without going after the terrorists responsible1.
  • Immediately after that, he shifted attention from that debacle to a new and different country and invaded it on the flimsiest of pretexts2.
  • He negotiated with terrorists and ultimately gave them weaponry in exchange for a few hostages, and through those same terrorists funneled armaments to a group of thugs in a completely different part of the world who were trying to violently overthrow their own government3.
  •  He lied repeatedly to the American people on television, and sent his representatives to lie to Congress, under oath, on his behalf. To cover up those lies, he directed that evidence be destroyed4.
  • He granted amnesty to several million "illegal aliens"5.
  • He...
Wait, what?

That wasn't Obama? That was Ronald Reagan???

Well, in the words of Miss Emily Litella, "Oh, that's very different. Never mind."

I told you up front that it is long past time to impeach the president. About 33 years past time.

Republican hypocrisy -- it knows no bounds.

1. Beirut 1983
2. Grenada 1983
3. Iran-Contra 1985-87
4. Ibid.
5. IRCA 1986


Katy Anders said...

Yeah, but he had great hair. We forgive an awful lot in our Presidents if they have great hair.

Frank said...

Presidenting was the best job of acting he ever did.

Welcome back!